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PressReader Android App Review

I first used PressReader on my iPad a couple of months ago. It’s a very good mobile app that lets you download digital editions of newspapers and magazines on-the-go. Reading experience on the iPad is of course different from smartphones, well obviously because of the difference in screen sizes. At first I thought I’ll never like reading newspapers and magazines on my Android phone but I was wrong. PressReader Android app was designed so well that you won’t mind reading newspapers and magazines on the small screen of your Android phones.

PressReader Android App – Reading Interface

Alright, let’s get straight to the point and discuss the PressReader reading interface since it’s the app’s best feature anyway. The moment you download a newspaper or magazine, it will be displayed immediately in full page view. You can then select the “Replica” view where links are highlighted in blue. You can tap on this link and you will be brought to specific page within the newspaper issue where you can read the article in full. While reading an article or viewing specific pages in the newspaper you can pinch or double tap to zoom in or zoom out. This is necessary when reading newspapers since there’s no way you can read the text ¬†on full-page view.

From the Replica view, you can switch to “Text” view where you’ll have several options – share the article, increase/decrease font size and one cool feature which lets you listen to the article read to you by the app. There’s also the List icon which allow you to view the contents of the issue in Page or Contents view.

Overall, the reading interface of PressReader is very good. Although it would have been cooler if the page-turning animation was included in the interface. But it’s not a big deal really.

PressReader Android App – Getting Newspapers and Magazines

PressReader contains a good collection of newspapers and magazines published worldwide. While getting the app from the Android Market is free, you need to pay for the cost of downloading individual issues of newspapers or magazines. You can check out the list of newspapers and magazines from the app’s Store option. From there you can view the list by country or by language. There’s also a search box where you can enter specific words in the title of the newspaper or magazine that you’re looking for.

Once you find a particular newspaper or magazine, you simply tap on it and a calendar will be displayed allowing you to select the particular date of issue of the newspaper or magazine that you want to download. You can also instruct the app to have new issues to be delivered to your device automatically. This is a very nice feature especially if you have a newspaper that you read daily. Take note however that the newspapers or magazines are downloaded to your phone’s SD Card so don’t get too excited downloading too many issues.

PressReader Android App – Other Features

As mentioned, PressReader app is free but the newspapers and magazines are not. To start downloading, you need to register an account for your Android device. Registering will authorize your device to download newspapers and magazines. PressReader gives you several subscription options – Pay-as-you which will cost you $0.99 per issue, Personal Unlimited for $29.95 monthly, and Corporate Unlimited for $99.95, Professional Unlimited for $199.95.

Our Verdict

Quite frankly, I was impressed by PressReader Android app for several reasons – its great reading interface, the variety of newspapers and magazines available for download and its navigation features. It’s a great newspaper and magazine reading app that is perfect for the urban mobile warriors like you and me. What I really appreciate about this app is its straight-forward approach to digital reading. The app is plain and simple e-reading apps minus the otherwise useless fanfare of other mobile e-reading apps.