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Princess Punt – Android Game Review


Princess Punt is a quirky little Android game from GungHo Games that involves punting Heroes and bombs at your enemies. It’s an odd premise to say the least, but one that works as it sucks you in with its gameplay & graphics. This is definitely one of those cases of “Don’t let the name fool ya” as a lot of people might see the words Princess Punt and skip the game. I almost did as I thought it was a football game for girls, but quickly found out just how wrong I was…


You’re not going to fling birds, hamsters or mice in Princess Punt, but you will punt warriors and bombs towards your enemies. You simply need to “pull” back on the Hero to let the Princess punt, and the angle can be adjusted by the direction you pull. Once a Hero is in the air you can tap the screen to initiate their attack; each hero and weapon has a different attack. Every time you hit an enemy they’ll drop Exp orbs which can be used at the end of each stage. The orbs are used to level up your character and weapons between stages; different orbs level up different accessories, and once a weapons or item reaches its cap you’ll definitely want to switch it out. Once a weapon is maxed you can’t use any more Exp Orbs on it and any orbs you don’t use between levels are wasted. I racked up a lot of orbs in my first boss fight, and was pretty disappointed I couldn’t use half of them as I forgot to change my weapons. I paid more attention to it after that.


All the bosses have a few weak points which you’ll want aim for as you’ll get more EXP orbs and weapons. You’ll want to hit those spots as you’ll get more Exp orbs and weapons; there’s also the added bonus of being able to take down the boss quickly. If you do manage to run out of punts and die you can use gold to replay the level and keep the Exp & items you’ve gained. After you clear a level you’ll be given a ticket that lets you spin the slot machine to win gold or prizes. It’s always nice to get free stuff, but it got a little irritating seeing the “Spin Screen” after each and every level along with the share screen. I’m not sure of the level count as I haven’t purchased the rest of the game yet, but you get 12 stages in two areas in the free part of the game. After that I think there are six more areas so there should be 36 more levels.


I really got a kick (pun intended) out of Princess Punt, and it was a total blast to play. The premise of kicking your Heroes at enemies did seem a little odd at first, but the game quickly becomes very addictive. The gameplay is truly top-notch, and I thought the graphics were brilliant as well. There is a lot of depth to the game even if you’re just playing the first two areas; after beating a level you can go back and challenge it again at different levels of difficulty. The first 2 areas of Princess Punt are free to play, after that you’ll have to pony up $1.30 for area 3 and I’m “assuming” it’s the same extra price for each new area. Developers Gung Ho Games really knocked it kicked it out of the park with Princess Punt, and I look forward to whatever they put out next.