Psychoban – Android Game Review


Like Sokoban games? Well, if you do there’s a new Sokoban game out from Dedalord called Psychoban that’s crazy fun. I mean that literally, as you’ll be moving around boxes in Insane asylums. It’s definitely a new take on Sokoban games, and the graphics are excellent. It also has a storyline that’s pretty funny, and adds another layer of depth to a great looking game. It’s a nice addition to the Android app market, and the best Sokoban game I’ve played so far.


You’ll start out in the first of three mental wards, and the doctor will basically tell you what to do. Getting around is easy in Psychoban as you’ll just need to tap the square you want to move to, and when you tap a box you’ll see green paths laid out in the spaces where the block can be moved. You can zoom in & out by pinching and change perspectives by swiping vertically. Overall, it’s a very simple control scheme that works well for the game.


You get 6 levels in the trial version, whereas the full version (in-app purchase) gives you 60 levels of fun spread out across 6 different locations. The full version also has two more modes of play with the Temple Challenge, and the Buddy Box Challenge. The game is automatically set up in timed mode, but you can switch it over to Zen mode if you want to slow things down a bit.


Psychoban is a solid game with brilliant graphics… especially for a Sokoban game. The storyline was a nice touch as well; it’s well done and pretty funny at times. The gameplay was smooth on my Captivate, with no lag or long load times. If you enjoy Sokoban games or want to try a different kind of puzzler, you should definitely check out Psychoban.


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