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Pulse News Reader Android App Review

When your looking for a good news reader app, there are many options available in the market. I have tried at least a dozen, some worked well while others were uninstalled quickly. I lucked up when I came across an Android app called “Pulse” by Alphonso Labs.

The programs interface and design are very slick and everything is streamlined.  It has the classic black background and all the news windows scroll smoothly.  There is not a lot of clutter on the screens, and navigation is a breeze. Overall, the program is easy on the eyes.

Setup is quick and painless and there are many pre-installed feeds to choose from. If you want to add your own feeds from anywhere on the Internet there is also a search feature. You can share the stories you find on through the feeds on Facebook, Twitter and via Email. There are two sizes of widgets, large and small. I prefer the small one, as the benefits of the large widget are not enough for me to sacrifice my screen space.

The only negative thing I noticed is your battery will drain quickly if  the app is left running in the background. That issue is easily fixed by switching to manual updates. Out of all the newsreaders I have tried, this one was the easiest to use while still managing to look sharp. The app is free and well worth the download. If you are looking for a great newsreader be sure to check this one out at the market.