Puzzle Family – Android Game Review


Puzzle Family is a new Android game from Com2uS that lets you take on a series of mini-games set in a bizarre little world full of quirky characters. Puzzle Family is one of two mini-puzzle game’s Com2uS released last month, and while we’re not sure if this is a new trend it’s definitely something different.


Puzzle Family has 8 mini-games for gamers to enjoy with Flick and Fly, Hide and Seek, Shanghai Pop, Tap on time, Boing Boing, Copy copycat, Who’s next, and Order the order. Most of the mini-games revolve around shifting shapes or objects around in a match-3 kind of way; some games are funner than others but they all have the same “general” style of gameplay. The games are time-based and anytime you clear a line or match blocks health is added to your HP bar which slowly starts to go down once a game begins.


You’ll earn stars during gameplay which can be used to “dress” your character or purchase a pet. All of the clothing will change your appearance in some way as well as boosting your stats in certain areas. There are around 80 different items to spruce your character up with; all of them can be purchased with stars except for 18 items which will cost you anywhere between $0.99 cents and $9.99. There is a gambling feature which actually got me excited as I thought you’d get to play a crane machine, but you basically pay 300 stars and it gives you an item at random. Puzzle Family has a few more features I’ve yet to figure out as well like the Skill meter and moving to a different house.


Puzzle Family is an interesting game from Com2uS, and the mini-games are fun if not a little simple at times. That being said, I think it would be a great game for puzzle fans especially anyone that enjoys quick play mini-games. I liked the whole dress your character up/stat changing aspect of things, but do think they game would benefit from a simple help section to walk you through the basics of the game. It’s not like things are hard to figure out, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on a few things the way the game is laid out. You can check out Com2uS’s Puzzle Family for free on Google Play.



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