Pyra Tower Defense – Android Game Review


Anyone who’s followed our site knows I’m a fan of Tower Defense games, and there’s a great new one in town called Pyra Tower Defense from Local Space. It’s got a nice retro feel with its colorful shapes and simple looks, but don’t be fooled as Pyra Tower Defense is a game that’s anything but simple.


In Pyra Tower Defense your job is to prevent enemies from crossing the map by strategically placing towers on the map. Different towers have different powers and you’ll need to utilize them all to lay waste to the colorful enemies. Same colored towers do 15% more damage to enemies of the same color, and you can check to see who’s coming at you in the next wave by looking at the top left corner of the screen. The gameplay is similar to most other Tower Defense games, but one thing that sets this TD game apart from the back is the ability to expand the playing field. It’s really opens things up if you’re in a pinch and it’s a great element to incorporate into the game.


Pyra Tower Defense gives you 7 towers with different attacks including laser towers, rocket towers, and gate towers that set up a laserfield to take down your enemies. As you’d expect all your towers are upgradable and can be sold if you need the cash. You also have access to “Specials” that can boost towers or take out enemies; there are 7 special power-ups with the “change” one being my favorite as it allows you to change the color of a tower at anytime. Pyra Tower Defense gives gamers 25 maps, 20 levels of difficulty, and over 60 achievements. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s a deep game and one that will keep you busy for a long time.


Local Space did a great job with the game, and if you’re a fan of Tower Defense games you’ll definitely want to check this little gem out. There is a free version of the game that gives you 3 maps to get the hang of things while the full version gives you the whole enchilada for only $2.16. I played both and I can tell you firsthand that the full version is well worth the price and a ton of fun to play. You can download Local Space’s  Pyra Tower Defense in the Android market.


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