Quick Review – A Christmas Game for Android


A Christmas Game – Shooter is a quirky new Christmas themed game from JoshOClock and ArtWitz Designs. When I first saw the little logo in the market with a BB gun the infamous Leg lamp from A Christmas Story… I instantly knew I had to check A Christmas Game out. Any game that has 2 fond memories from my childhood in the logo has to be good right?

Gameplay & Features

The premise of the game is simple; you’re given a BB gun (Red Ryder I assume) and an allotted amount of time to take out everything in sight. The firing takes a little to get used to as the level rotates, and you control the directions of the BB’s by moving your finger around inside a box. The gun fires nonstop as long as you’re pressing inside the firing box, so it’s more about aiming than anything. The inside and outside levels are black and white and most of the objects you can destroy are in color; the color scheme of the game works well as you can quickly locate things to shoot as you do have a time limit. Any time you see a clock you’ll want to nail those because they’ll give you extra time so you can try and get the high-score. A Christmas game does have some extras in the form of unlockable presents, removable ads, and ad free with all the weapons. I haven’t been able to get enough points to unlock them either gift yet and the in-app purchasing system isn’t working for me so I can’t tell you what they are. I can tell you that you’ll need 1,000,000 points inside and outside to unlock the bonus presents, but that’s about it.


While I really got into this game there is an issue that could turn some people off, but I just saw it as a challenge. That issue is with the aiming system as the BB’s are not that accurate and usually you have to aim a little high to get shot on target some times. That being said, anyone who’s ever shot a BB gun knows that the farther away the target the more BB’s drop so if the developers did this on purpose…that’s a really awesome touch as it’s how BB gun’s shoot unless you’ve got a high-powered one. The game could use a few tweaks here and there, but overall it’s a fun little Christmas game with plenty of objects to destroy. Fan’s of a Christmas Story will definitely get a kick out of the game, and best of all it’s free! If you feel like being a little destructive this holiday season, head on over to the market and check out A Christmas Game.


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