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Quick Review – Amazing Spider-Man 3D Live Wallpaper for Android


Most of the world knows that everyone’s favorite web-slinger is a big thing right now; there are games, apps, and even live wallpapers. We’ve already talked about the game, and now we’re going to talk about a super slick LWP with Cellfish Studios Amazing Spider-Man 3D live WP. The Amazing Spider-Man 3D live wallpaper is one of the best I’ve seen, especially if you’re into Spider-Man. The wallpaper shows Spidey’s face hovering over the streets of NYC and if you look very closely you’ll see some interesting reflections in his eyes. When Spider-Man moves his head you’ll see Aunt May, The Lizard, and Gwen Stacey just to name a few. The skyline also changes in the background and there are several other cool features to boot. One such feature is a premium add-on called “Spider Sense” which makes the classic Spidey Sense alert around his head whenever you get a email or text.  There’s also an interactive soundboard with audio clips from the movie that play whenever you touch Spidey’s head.


The Amazing Spider-Man 3D live Wallpaper is a good one, and it looks great on my phone. It doesn’t seem to be to battery intensive as of yet, and there are some very cool add-ons if you want to go that route. Cellfish Studios really did a great job of working the extras into the wallpaper and bringing fans into the world of Spider-Man. You can pick up the Amazing Spider-Man 3D live WP on Google Play for free.