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Quick Review – Clowns Revolt for Android


The Circus rolled into town last weekend in the form of a new Android game called Clowns Revolt by Rockiam. Clowns Revolt is actually a physics shooter/love story that puts your skills to the test as a Clown that’s set out to get back his love simply known as The Lady.

The Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman have conspired against you by stealing your lady love and you’re going to get her back using the only thing at your disposal… a cannon. Your job in the game is to hit the character with a cannonball using as few shots as possible. There will be boxes, ramps, cones and several other obstacles in your way and you’ll only have a limited number of shots per level. You basically need to find the right trajectory to force or finesse your way past the objects and to your enemies. Clowns Revolt gives gamers 50 levels to rescue The Lady, but that’s it as there are no high-score tables or extra features in the game. You can adjust the “game speed” and turn off the sound, but that’s it which is surprising as I thought there would be some sort of extras with the cool artwork and quirky storyline the dev’s used.


There are a lot of things to like about Clowns Revolt, but there are a few areas that could use some improvement.  I LOVED the graphics and style of the game and think others will too; the whole game has a menacing feel to it and it works really well in the game. That being said, it’s not that easy to “fine tune” a shot and the controls (moving the cannon) feel like they could use definitely use some adjusting. Clowns Revolt is definitely not a bad game, but it could use a little work and a demo version as well. If you want to give it a go, you can find Clowns Revolt on Google Play for $1.25.