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Quick Review – Crazy Pill for Android


Crazy Pill is a new “popping” game that puts you to work popping balloons and pills. These items might seem like a rather unlikely combination for an Android game, but luckily for us Crinked Ink had the wild idea to combine those two items into an addictively awesome little game. The premise of the game is simple as you need to pop balloons and eat the pills to get a high score. That’s about the only thing simple about Crazy Pills though, as most of the balloons require a certain number of taps to pop and the pills have different effects when you “pop” them. For instance, a Red Balloon pops with 1 touch while the Black balloons are much tougher requiring a whopping 8 touches to pop. Orange pills multiply your score and put you into a hyper mode, Red Pills give you health, and Black Pills take health away so you’ll want to drag those into the trash bin. Hyper mode may sound nice as it’s always good to boost your score, but hyper mode also makes things a little bit trippy as you’ll quickly find out when you pop an Orange pill.


Crazy Pill is a great time-killer and it can literally drive you a little crazy as it’s much harder than it looks at higher levels. Speaking of levels, there are 120 of them spread out across 5 different and two modes of play with Campaign and Casual Mode. It’s actually a pretty deep game when you take into account the number of balloons & pills with their different attributes/effects and the 120 levels. You can try out the limited version of the game with 48 levels and 2 worlds or grab the full version of Crazy Pill with all the features for only $0.99 cents.