Quick Review – Digital Chocolate’s Zombie Lane for Android

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Zombies have invaded your neighborhood and turned it into Zombie Lane. That’s the premise behind a killers Zombie game from the minds at Digital Chocolate, and you’ll have to use your wits and any items you can find to defend your home from the Zombie hordes.

Zombie Lane is a task-based game that puts you to work killing zombies, collecting items, and picking up trash among other things. You basically take on tasks to build up XP and gold which allows you to level up and upgrade your character. The task vary greatly and cover things like collecting building materials, making super weapons, picking up trash, finding certain objects, and killing zombies of course. They did a nice job mixing things up so Zombie Lane stays fresh and keeps you coming back for more. All your actions are done through touch; if you want to kill a zombie, dig through rubble or fix your fence you just need to touch it. Every task you complete will cost you a little energy; if you want to pick a crop, fix your fence or brain a Zombie it will cost you. Luckily, Digital Chocolate made the energy refill fast (30 seconds per point) so you won’t have to wait long to get back into battle.

As you might expect Zombie Lane has a store section that lets you buy buildings, clothes, crops and other items. You also have the ability to deck your character out in different clothing, and can buy better weapons and more energy. Zombie Lane uses coins and cash for its currency; you can earn both by playing or can purchase extra from the store. I’ve been playing for about a week, and while I do run out of energy fairly quickly I’ve yet to buy any extra juice. One area I thought was a little weak were the weapons; unless you can unlock more there seem to be just 6 in all, and three of those will cost the “bucks” which aren’t easy to get for free. Zombie Lane does have depth in the collections and achievements department though as there are 8 awesome achievements and 9 or so collections. It may not sound like much, but trust me they aren’t easy to get.


Zombie Lane is a highly addictive building/time management game that should satisfy gamers on all fronts. The graphics are great, all the sets of Zombies have their own distinct look and overall the game is very easy on the eyes. I generally play games like this sparingly, but I’ve been playing this one several times a day and actually setup the notifications to alert me when my energies full. If you’re into Zombies, building games or time management sim’s you’ll definitely enjoy Zombie Lane. You can check out the game for yourself on Google Play for free.


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