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Quick Review – Guess The Song for Android


Guess the Song is a new Android Game from Happy Hippo that puts your brain to the test as you try and guess songs or artists from audio clips. It’s an android version of the age old classic game “Name that Tune” and it’s a lot of fun to play if dig music.

Guess the Song is a simple music guessing game that gives you 9 different genres to choose from and hundreds of different songs. The nine categories cover Pop, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Country, and Dance. Each game lasts for 10 questions covering artists or songs, and once your downe you can go to the next round or pick a new catrogry. Your score is based on how long a round takes and how many you get right, but I have no idea how many rounds you can go. Guess the Song has online leaderboards so you can see if you rank; they don’t show your actual score which is strange, but they do show the top 10. The layout looks great and is easy to use; the song quality and selection is also great although I do hope the developers add more tunes and bands in the future.


I’m a music lover so I was pretty psyched to check out Guess the Song. I mainly played on Classic Rock, went 5 rounds and was ranked #1 on the leaderboard as I only missed one question the entire game. I was knocked off the board completely within 10 minutes which is fine, but it sucks that you can’t actually see your score or anyone else’s. On the plus side, the layout is nice and the questions do vary; you may get a double every now and then, but that’s to be expected if you play long enough. The audio quality was excellent as well, and I actually ended up hitting up Google Music for a few songs after playing the game. Overall, Guess The Song is a fun musical guessing game that music lovers will definitely want to check out. You can pick up Happy Hippo’s Guess The Song on Google Play for free.