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As I finally caught the new Batman movie last night (awesome) I thought it would be fun to look at a few Dark Knight related Android Apps. Being as Gameloft’s sweet looking Batman game isn’t compatible with my new Quad-Core tablet we’re going to take a look at Hero Identity: Dark Knight from Juan Carlos Fabian.

Have you ever wondered what Superhero you’d be? Well wonder now more as Hero Identity: Dark Knight is going to help you out in that area. How does it accomplish this feat you ask… with a fingerprint scanner of course. All you have to do is place and hold your finger/thumb on the screen and wait for the vibration to end. It all takes about 5 seconds and then you’re presented with your new Superhero Identity. I ran Hero Identity: Dark Knight 7 times in a row and got Naruto, Chameleon, Superman, Average Joe, Octopus (its Doc Ock dev…), Spiderman, and Spawn.  The good news is I didn’t get any repeats and all the characters were all different which is nice. The bad funny news is that a lot of the characters aren’t DC or Batman related at all and some like Naruto obviously have no place in this Android app.


Hero Identity: Dark Knight is a fun app to fool around with, but as a comics guy I’ll have to reprimand the dev a bit. If you’re going to throw the “Dark Knight” name around you better make sure you include lots of characters from that universe and Gotham City. There are TONS of characters you could use without going to Marvel’s lineup or using oddballs like Spawn or Naruto. That being said, it’s not like this apps out to change the world or actually fight crime so just have fun with it.You can checkout Hero Identity: Dark Knight for free on Google Play.

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