Quick Review – Logo Quiz by Bubble Quiz Games

Quiz games are always good fun, and there has been a big trend of created Logo Quiz games for Android lately. I just noticed one or two a few months ago, and now there’s seem to be dozens of copycat games. With that in mind I decided it was high time I check one out so I decided to go with one of the fist called Logo Quiz by Bubble Quiz Games.

Logo Quiz puts your brain to the test by seeing how many famous brand you can name as you take on a series of logo-based quizzes.  It’s a very straightforward game as there are a series of 14 quizzes full of logo’s and when you complete a certain % of questions you get to advance to the next quiz. The logo’s really seem to cover anything and everything including very popular brands like Twitter, McDonalds, Jaguar, and Visa to some that are a bit more obscure. Your skill will also depend on where you live, as different parts of the world are more familiar with certain brands over others. There are around 800 different logos in all so no matter where you’re located you’ll certainly be able to recognize at least some of the logos easily.

If you do happen to get stuck Logo Quiz has a nice hint system where you’ll get a hint for every 3 logos you guess correctly, and you’ll get 3 hints when you unlock a new level. Chances are you’ll have to use the hints as I consider myself pretty well versed in corporate/company logo’s, but was stumped by a few brands early on in the second set of logos. If you do happen to run out of hints you can get by with a little help from your friends via Facebook. As for extras, Logo Quiz has a high score table setup through “Swarm” and a nice Statistics section that tracks your total stats throughout the game.


I wasn’t sure what I’d think of Logo Quiz at first, but it’s definitely a Win as it’s a simple game to play that’s quite a bit of fun. I think people from most age groups and cultures should be able to have fun with this one as well as there are a wide variety of logos to go through and it’s easy to earn hints. I also liked the way they make you guess the logos as some will be missing a few letters or part of their famous logo. Overall, I’d have to agree with millions of other users and say that Logo Quizzes are surprisingly fun and a great way to kill a little time. If you’re ready to test your skills you can check out Bubble Quiz Games Logo Quiz for Android for free.



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