Quick Review: Nook for Android eReader App

Finally, the triumvirate of mobile ereader app is complete on the Android platform with the arrival of  Barnes & Noble’s Nook ereader app.  This was actually reported a few days ago but we were not expecting Barnes & Noble to make the available this soon. Anyway, I downloaded the app on my Nexus One and quickly explored on what the Nook app for Android has to offer.

Unfortunately,  the app is your typical mobile ereader app. Having used Nook app on my iPad and iPhone, I would have to say that it’s  exactly the same app – same features, functionality, interface and workflow.  Like all the other Nook apps that were released before, Nook for Android also exits the app and bring you to the Barnes and Noble ebookstore to shop for ebooks. This has been a major issue before, especially since the iPad and iPhone iBooks apps allow users to shop for ebooks right inside the app.

But thanks to the Android’s multi-tasking capability, you wouldn’t mind getting kicked out from the app to shop for books. On a crappy internet connection that I have at home, I didn’t experience any slow down doing the “book shopping”” process. The app runs smoothly, and fast.

So, how was experience actually reading an ebook using the Nook app. I could say that it’s pretty good especially since most Android phones have great display screen.  When turning pages, the app gives you to option – the classic sliding page turn or the animated one which is similar to how iBooks turns pages – something which simulates the actual turning of pages of an actually printed book.

The app has other features but they are typical of other ereader apps for Android. You can change font size while reading an ebook,  You can also sync your Barnes and Noble account to access ebooks which you downloaded using other platforms.

Overall, Nook for iPad is at par with the Kindle for Android. I’m beginning to think that these two ereader-related companies are on the brink of a major competition in dominating the ebook/ereader market.

Nook for Android is available now as a free download from the Android Marketplace.


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