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Quick Review of Pinterest Android app

Much as I wanted to make this a more comprehensive review, I’m afraid I have to do it as quickly as possible. Not because I’m too busy pinning images and building my Pinterest board but moreso because I’m really not a huge fan of Pinterest. Well, at least not yet as of now. So, up for review is the just release Pinterest app for Android. If you’re an active Pinterest user, you’ll be glad to know that the app has everything that you can do with the social networking site for sharing images and photos from the web intact – plus some bonus features for Android devices. As quickly as you’ve downloaded Pinterest and installed it on your Android devices, you’ll be presented with the same default view of From there you’ll have the option to login to your Pinterest account which upon doing so, gives you access to your Pinterest profile.The app’s default screen gives you the latest images/photos shared on You can tap on an image and you’ll be brought to a new screen displaying the image in full-res. From there you can repin, like or add your comment on the image. Now, swiping your device’s screen to the right will give you the categories/search page and swipe to the left will bring you to your Pinterest dashboard. Your dashboard displays your notifications and will let you manage your Pinterest followers. One thing you’ll appreciate about the Pinterest Android app is the fact that it was designed simply – like the Pinterest website. You’ll also like the clean interface design which puts emphasis on the images which incidentally is the essence of Pinterest. Overall, the Pinterest app is very well-thought of. I also appreciate the fact that the app is well suited for any Android devices. Be it on the 7-inch display of the Nexus 7 or the smaller display of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the images are displayed very well and the app looks dynamic when transitioning on these two devices. I hope to test it out on my Galaxy Note later to see how it fares on its screen. All things being said, Pinterest is a pretty good Android app that responds to the needs of the members of the social networking apps for images on the web. If you’re not on Pinterest yet, this Android app might convince you to join the bandwagon and start pinning images and web pages of things that interest you. If you’ve been slacking on your Pinterest activity like me, well this app might actually make you become an active Pinterest user again. Pinterest is available now as a free download from Google Play.