Quick Review – Plopp for Android

Plopp is a slick new puzzle game from Games2be that involves tiny little circles called plopps. Circles usually aren’t that exciting, but that’s not the case with the little plopps which tend to go “pop” and explode rather easily…


On any given stage in the game random plopps will appear and start to grow. As they grow you’ll see points in the middle, and your goal is to pop the plopp to get as many points as possible. If you touch a plopp it explodes and starts a shockwave that will pop any other plopps in its path. You’ll get the points from the original plopp along with any other plopps the shockwave gets. You’ll also notice that the shockwaves change color as they go; each color of shockwave adds to your multiplayer with the highest one being the x5 “Lila” wave. White plopps aren’t the only plopps that appear either, and different colored plopps will react differently when they are popped. Yellow ones give more points, and black ones for instance can only be popped with a shockwave, not with your finger.


Puzzle games can be quite deep, and Plopp definitely falls into that category with its tiered level setup. There are 20 levels with 80 quests in all; each level has 4 quests and you have to get through them all to advance to the next level. Every time you advance you’ll be given a new set of quests and unlock a new background & shockwave effect. In addition to all the levels, there are 20 different backgrounds, 3 different soundtracks, and 20 different shock wave effect in Plopp.


I’ve always enjoyed game that take a different approach to things, and Plopps definitely has that covered in all areas. If you like your puzzlers to have style and depth then Plopp is a game you’ll definitely want to grab. There isn’t a free version available at this time, but the full version is well worth the $1.25 price tag. You can check out Games2be’s Plopp on Google Play.




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