Quick Review – PopCork! for Android

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Carnival games are something I always keep an eye out for in my never ending hunt for cool Android apps. Yesterday I stumbled across a pretty cool one that came out late last year called PopCork! from Colopl Inc. PopCork! isn’t your average carnival game as you won’t be popping balloons or tossing balls, instead you’ll shoot corks to win prizes from Kuma the Bear.


PopCork! is simple to play, but difficult to master as it uses your devices accelerometer to aim your Cork gun. You need to tilt your device to adjust your aim and tap the screen to shoot. If you hit a prize you get to keep it, and keep going until you miss then you’ll lose a cork. Your goal is basically to hit as many prizes as possible while earning points that can be used to upgrade your gun and corks. You get 5 corks for 1 coin and you’ll start out with 5 coins, if you happen to run out you can buy more or wait for them to replenish on their own over short span of time.


There are over 100 kinds of Japanese prizes to win in PopCork! and you’re able to put together collections as you progress through the game. There are also big bosses, rare prizes, and random challenges; I’m not sure if you hit them as you level up or if it’s just random, but the bosses are pretty cool. You’ll also randomly get to use other weapons (but can’t buy them) like the shotgun & laser, be prepared when you get the laser as you can hit a lot of prizes if you move quickly enough.


PopCork! is a high addictive game and a great way to waste some time. It did take me a few minutes to find the sweet spot when aiming, but once I found it the game was a blast. The game’s got some depth as well as there are plenty of prizes to collect and a lot to accomplish. If you’re looking for a good time killer I highly recommend you check this game out, you can pick up PopCork! for free on Google Play.


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