Quick Review – Santa Roll for Android

As the holiday’s approach I always try to keep an out for holiday themed Android Games. They have slowly started to trickle out, and Nelpy Games dropped two Christmas themed games this week with Christmas Slice and Santa Roll. After spending some time rolling Santa around in some colorful Candy Cane levels, here’s what I thought about Santa Roll…

In Santa Roll each level is basically a candy cane maze or sorts and your job is to move a fat little Santa (in a ball) through the maze and into the chimney. You tilt your phone to move the Santa through the Candy Cane maze, and you’ll want to try and collect all three presents before dropping yourself into the chimney. There are 3 worlds in Santa Roll, and each world has 20 levels and 60 presents to snatch. The first world is just a regular candy cane maze, but the second world throws in a jagged purple candy cane that will kill you if you hit it. Not sure what the 3rd world brings to the table, but I’m sure it’s something to make the game a little more difficult.

Santa Roll is a good quick-play puzzle game, but it does provide some challenging levels when you get to the jagged candy canes. The whole Christmas theme is nice to see as well; we are getting closer and closer to the big day afterall! If you’d like to take Santa for a roll, you can head on over to the Android market and pick up Santa Roll for free.


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