Quick Review – Shake Spears! by Alawar Entertainment

Shake Spears! is a new Android Game from the folks at Alawar Entertainment that lets you try to earn glory, honor, and fame on the back of a horse. You won’t be racing horses, but jousting on the back of them in this fun little quick play game.

You’ll play a knight in a jousting tournament that’s out to defeat the best knights around and win the heart of his lady. To accomplish this you’re going to saddle up and take on Knights in a tournament spanning 20 different cities. The actual jousting part is fairly simple as you’ll swipe vertically on the left side of the screen to raise or lower your shield while the right side controls your lance. Your goal is to send your opponent flying from his horse, and you can do just that once you get past his armor.

Powerups can help you out in this area as Shake Spears allows you to upgrade your battle gear and lets you add some spells to your arsenal for good measure. The upgrades are done in “package” which is pretty lame because you can’t change out individual pieces of gear; the battle spells are pretty cool though and I would recommend picking those up early on.  Shake Spears does have 2 levels of difficulty with Path to Glory and Act of Valor; you’ll get to fight in 20 different towns with 5 stages a piece bringing the level count to right around 100 in all.


Shake Spears is a great jousting game and a good way to kill some time. The battles are over with pretty quickly which really allows you to zip through the game if you’re good enough. I did feel that the game was a little too easy early on, but that quickly changed by the time I hit the first big castle and got my ass kicked.  I do wish there were more options in the armor/upgrade department, but overall the game is quite a bit of fun. If you’re ready to get Medieval with it, you can pick up Alawar Entertainments Shake Spears on Google Play for free.



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