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Quick Review – Speak and Spell for Android


I decided to start the week off a bit Retro this time around, and nothing says Retro like the Speak and Spell Android App from Scott Weston. What’s a Speak and Spell you ask? Blasphemy I say, but if you keep reading we’ll explain this wonderful retro toy a bit better for those of you to young to remember it.

If you were unlucky enough to be born in the past 10-15 years and missed out on all the cool toys from the 80s you may not know what the hell a Speak and Spell is. The classic Speak and Spell was a hi-tech 80s tablet of sorts put out by Texas Instruments that would teach you how to spell, and had different games. Well, the Speak and Spell Android app isn’t that different as it emulates the original toy perfectly and the robotic little voice will definitely bring back some memories. Everything you know and love is there from Spell Mode games and Mystery Word mode to Code and Say It mode. The app has actually been out since 2010 (with no updates) but runs like a champ on every device I tried it on.


Whether you were a child of the 80s or a child of today, the Speak and Spell Android app will bring back all kinds of great memories and it can still help kids learn.  Just don’t leave them unattended with it without explaining things a bit; today’s youth are easily confused by retro electronics and may become easily frustrated or run away in terror when they can’t figure out how to use it or what it does. It may not change your ringtone and it won’t let you fling birds across a screen, but the Speak and Spell app is great to see and it’s still just as fun to play with now as it was then. If you long to hear that robotic voice again you can head over to Google Play and pick up Scott Weston’s Speak and Spell for free.

Speak and Spell