Reckless Racing Android Game Review

[!– INSTALL:com.polarbit.RecklessRacing –][!– INSTALLDEMO:com.polarbit.RecklessRacingLite –]I’ve played Reckless Racing on my iPhone before. I was pretty amazed by this game back then. It has a fun and enjoyable gameplay coupled with nice top-down graphics and a fluid physics engine. So, I was pretty much expecting the same experience on my Google Nexus One Android phone. Did Reckless Racing failed me on its Android version? – absolutely not.

Reckless Racing – Gameplay and Controls

Reckless Racing Android game is a top-down dirt-road racing game offering three modes of play – dirt rally, hot lap and deliver. Dirt Rally mode is your usual arcade racing mode pitting you against 5 AI players. Hot Lap is your time attack mode which you can play solo or against other players in local online mode. Deliver tasks you to collect and drop parcels at designated spot. The game also has a multiplayer game option where you can play against other player locally via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or you can play online. Before you can join the online game, you must create an account from the game developer’s site first. When choosing to play in local multiplayer, you can also host the game itself and then invite participants.

When it comes to control, the game is quite a challenge. You are given two buttons, the left drift and right drift buttons and another button for braking. No power-ups will be given to you to make the race easier. It’s all about proper maneuvering. There are however some ledges which you can use to ram your car into for cool effect and speed boost. However there are also obstacles along the way, such as water holes and other objects.

The key to successfully win the races is of course drifting at the right corner at the right time. You’ll easily master this trick and soon enough you’ll have an easier time beating all the races.

Reckless Racing – Graphics and Sound

These are two areas where the game really excels. The game’s environment is rendered in 2.5D graphics style. Reckless Racing is probably one of the best-looking Android games I’ve played so far. You’ll love it when your car won’t stop drifting away after passing through a water hole – very realistic.

When it comes to sound, the game did pretty well too. The game’s background music adds excitement and cool factor to the game. Even the sound effects are pretty cool – from the revving of car engine to the sound of cars ramming through some cans and other objects.

Reckless Racing – Our Verdict

If you don’t want to miss on one of the most beautiful games to ever hit the Android platform – you’ll waste no time in getting this Android game.  If you love racing games which are heavy on drifting – Reckless Racing is definitely the game for you.

Do we have to say that this Android game is a must-have? Well, there we’ve said it.


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