Redneck Jellyfish – Android Game Review

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Redneck Jellyfish is a cool new game from MudStuffing Industries where you’ll play a Jellyfish named Gus who’s trying to build some coral reefs. Building the coral reefs won’t be easy though, as Gus will have to contend with zombie crabs, barnacles, sea urchins and other evil ocean dwellers. It’s a fun little game, and there’s nothing out there like it in the market.


You’ll basically go through the levels and pick up coral seeds with your tentacles to build new coral reefs. When you reach a reef, just tap Gus’s head to drop the seeds and they will grow. Gus’s head is invulnerable but his tentacles are not; if you hit the crabs and some of the other sea life you’ll lose pieces of your tentacles. Needless to say, if that happens it’s going to make it much more difficult to pick up the seeds. You can also pick up other objects like boards and starfish; the starfish kill the sea urchins and produce coral seeds so keep an out for those.


Besides being a lot of fun, Redneck Jellyfish also has a lot of depth. There are 8 different “jobsites” to play through with 64 levels in all. The job sites do a good job of switching it up with new enemies and obstacles like currents, lumber, and lava. Gus also has a means of attack; if he eats Zooplankton he’ll get gas which he can use to shoot fart bubbles at those pesky crabs. Yup, you can shoot fart bubbles and your starfish buddies can poop coral seeds. I’m only about halfway through the game, so I’m very curious to see what else pops up before I get to Atlantis.


Redneck Jellyfish is an awesome game, and it’s definitely 100% original which is great. It has slick graphics, great ukulele music, and plenty of depth in the gameplay department. It’s one of the few games I’ve played that literally makes me crack up on every level, as the sounds Gus makes are pretty damned funny. I heard something about a “raccoon in a cornfield” and another one referred to “two hampsters in a sock.” At least I think that’s what Gus said, he’s a bit hard to understand as he is a Redneck Jellyfish and probably has a bit of chew in his mouth. I really enjoyed the graphics and they reminded me of something that came out of one of my favorite TV shows… Ren & Stimpy. If you want to play a game that’s original, quirky, and lots of fun; you should definitely check out Redneck Jellyfish. It has a free version that gives you a practice pool and 8 levels while the paid version gives you everything for only .99 cents!

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