RepairPal Android App Offers Mobile Car Assistance

Perhaps one of the most useful app that we all could use on our Android device is an app that will help us during emergency while in the middle of the road and our cars suddenly go bonker. RepairPal,  a new Android app just graced that Android marketplace offering such kind of services. The app would be a great help for finding repair shops, estimating repair costs and of course getting that much needed roadside assistance whenever you need one.

RepairPal is actually one of America’s leading destination for auto repair and maintenance information. And to add more services and provide quick assistance to car owners, the company has brought their RepairPrice Estimator, directory of shops and dealerships as well as instant roadside assistance to a wider audience via this free Android app.

The RepairlPal Android app is easy to use and provides the following specific features:

  • Get RepairPal’s proprietary RepairPrice Estimates for each of the 40 car makes, 100 most common repairs and services, and 42,000 zip codes RepairPal covers
  • Access one-touch roadside assistance anywhere in the U.S. (no membership required)
  • Find quality shops and dealerships, including user reviews and ratings, via RepairPal’s GPS-enabled directory

So, if you’re getting into a lot of trouble with your car lately, you might want to check the RepairPal app and install it on your Android phone. If you’re car is in tip toe shape, it wouldn’t hurt to have this handy app as well since you’d never know when you’d it.

via Intomobile


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