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Robotek Android Game Review


Robotek came out last week, and somehow it flew under my radar. I started noticing blurbs about the game over the weekend and thought I might need to take a look into it. The storyline of the game is that Robots have taken over your world, and you’re going to take it back one node at a time.  It’s definitely an interesting concept with some killer graphics, but how does the game play? Here’s what we thought after giving Robotek a run through…


The goal in each of your battles is to destroy the enemy mainframe; you take control of a big, cool looking robot, while your opponent looks kind of like a rocket ship, but is called a “mainframe.” There is a slot machine over your robots head, and your attacks or actions are determined by the roll of the slots. The more symbols you match, the more powerful your attack will be; if you get all three symbols to match you’ll get an extra turn as well. There are also tabs below the spinner that select the kind of action you’ll take. You get to choose from Warfare, Hacking, and Powers.

The Warfare tab will teleport new robots in to your gang, or repair ones you already have. Hacking can help to turn the tables in your favor in mid-battle, while the blue Power tab will put your robot crew on the offensive.You also have abilities that you can activate when they become ready; it will cost you cycles to use them and you get one cycle each turn. Once you select your ability, just spin the slots and your power will activate on your next attack. There are different abilities you can unlock as the game progresses like Nuke, Summon Hero, Emergency Repair and Rapid Fire.

When you win a battle in campaign mode, you’ll get that Node along with more power, and experience. The nodes have a star ranking which lets you know the difficulty of the level, before you start the battle. I’d recommend you start out easy; I tried the Vegas node and got my butt kicked very quickly. Each node also has a bit of a story with it which adds to the overall storyline of the game. It’s got a very good replay factor with over 200 levels spread around the world. There are 9 upgradable slot symbols to fit your style of play, along with 4 special abilities including the “Nuke.” Robotek also has a nice skill system with over 30 levels. There is an online “Hall of Fame” and Facebook leader boards, so you can track your scores against others. Robotek has the ever popular in-app purchase system as well. You can get power & coins, access to a recharge node, and even unlock a “duel” mode to battle with your friends.


Robotek is a unique strategy/action/RPG game that is definitely the first of its kind that I’ve seen in the Market. The battle slot machine is a great twist, and you will have to use some strategy with deciding what actions to take during battle. I loved the way the robots looked, and the graphics have a great retro feel. It did take me a minute to get the hang of it, but once I ran through the brief tutorial, I was good to go. Robotek is free, and a lotta  fun to play; especially if you like Robots!