Roboto for Android – The Review


Some games look great, while others just have great gameplay… luckily for us, Roboto from Fenix Fire Entertainment has both. Roboto is a new action-adventure game that will make you wonder why we don’t have more Android games that look that slick. It’s got a great soundtrack, lots of levels, boss battles, and jaw-dropping graphics. I’m not exaggerating either folks, it really looks that good…


Roboto is going to use his rocketboard to track down the girl of his dreams, and you’re going to have a lot of fun helping him find her. You have your standard on-screen joystick and two action buttons for firing & jumping/hovering. Every time you jump or shoot you’ll lose energy which you can get back from collecting the energy ball & cube power ups that are placed throughout the levels. While zipping through the levels you’ll use ramps, gravity switches to get to those hard to reach places and thankfully they included the good old save points known as halfway markers as well.


This game has plenty of depth with 30 gorgeous levels, and several puzzles and boss battles thrown in to keep you busy. As you’re rocketing through the levels you’ll find gears & washers; the gears will boost your score while the washers can be used to buy items. There are 5 different kinds of weapons and 2 different suits you can buy from the Skate Shop that will definitely improve your chances of finding your dream girl. As mentioned, you do get to fight a few “Big” bosses and they have some mini-games which is a very nice touch. Roboto will keep track of your player stats locally, and uses the OpenFeint Achievement system as well.


Roboto played like a dream on my Rooted Captivate, and I had no issues at all running this game. As stated, the cel-shaded graphics are brilliant and gameplay is top-notch. You won’t get bored easily either with 30 levels to play through along with bosses and several cool mini-games. It’s one of those games that you show off to your friends, then regret doing so when you have a hard time getting your phone back. There isn’t a free version available, but you can pick up Roboto on sale in the Android market for $2.99 until August 8th.


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