Route 66 Maps + Navigation Coming Soon

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Route 66 and TomTom joined together last year to utilize their collective talent to bring us Android apps like this new GPS app. It uses TomTom’s excellent mapping system and is packed with features. The best features include 3d navigation, maps of over 100 countries, spoken directions in 57 languages, and a new “follow me” feature.

“Follow me” allows you to see a virtual representation of your car on the screen that puts on its turn signals which intuitively leads you to your destination. Its like following the person who knows where they’re going, showing you the road in front of you with the clarity of the beautiful 3d graphics these maps are capable of.

There is even 3d city maps, landmarks, and premium POIs (Points of Interest) to give you even more information about what is around and in front of you on the road. The GPS systems are updated daily with the millions of Route 66 users who contribute to keeping the maps reliable and accurate. The turn-by-turn navigation will be the premium service for this app, and it will be downloadable in the Android Market soon.

Route 66 Maps + Navigation includes a bunch of features like real time traffic and speed camera services. It supports multi-touch screens for zooming in and out, tilting, and rotating the view to your liking. The coolest feature is the “Follow me” with its 3d picture of your car on the road which just seems easier to understand than other GPS navigation systems on the market.

Storage of the maps is completely open and you will be able to download them to your smartphone or tablet computer. Connect via wi-fi before you hit the road and download the maps direct to your device in case you lose signal or don’t want to use your data plan.

This app is not yet in the market but should be coming soon. You can learn more about it at

Have a look at this video which shows off the new “Follow Me” feature:

Will you be getting Route 66 Maps + Navigation? Is the “Follow Me” feature useful?

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