RPS Academy: Rock, Paper, Scissors – Android Game Review


RPS Academy is not your typical Android game. It’s fun and it’s also very, very frustrating. It’s also the first Android game I’ve played where I actually bought more “tokens” to use when mine ran out. In case you haven’t figured it out, the RPS stand for Rock, Paper, Scissors. In real life, I’m a master of Roshambo and against the computer I was good, but against real opponents online… not so much.


If you haven’t played Rock, Paper, Scissors before you’ve probably been living under a rock. It’s a game most of us learned as kids, and it’s the ultimate way to settle anything. This is the “classic” version of the game so you’ll only have the normal 3 choices to throw; there are no spocks, nukes, or lizards in this game. It’s basically the best of 5 against the A.I. or you can join/create a game online to go against a random opponent. The online matches let you wager tokens against your opponent, and I would advise you to practice on the A.I. before you jump in and go against the RPS Svengali’s that seem to frequent the game.


RPS Academy has a couple of cool little features, the first of which are the tokens. When you’re setting up you’re online match you can choose the amount you want to wager and your opponent has to match it to enter the game. The coins/tokens can also be used to upgrade your Avatar or with other games on the Skiller network. You can also buy 2 different Power Ups with the tokens: Fake Throw and Mirror. Fake Throw will result in a “tie” when it’s used, but you’ll get to see your opponents’ strategy and not lose the round, while Mirror will copy your opponents throw. Both of these power ups can be had for a single use (2-3 coins) or unlimited for .99 cents.


RPS Academy is one of those games that’s easy to play, but hard to master. I honestly never thought there was much strategy involved in Rock, Paper, Scissors, but I was totally wrong. I quickly ran through the coins you’re given to start, and had to re-up within 30 minutes as I really don’t like to lose lol. Online is where the fun is with this one, but as it’s new you may not always find a match. You can create a game and play against the AI until someone pops up though, which was a nice touch. It would be nice to have a few more features added in the future, but BUKsAPPs did a great job taking a simple game and making it fun. You can check out RPS Academy in the Android market for free.

R:P:S Academy


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