Save My Ass – The Android Game Review


Every once in awhile you come across an Android game with a quirky name, and you just have to take a look. That’s the case with a little game called Save My Ass from Addicting games. When I saw the title and logo I thought WTF? and hit download. Once I snapped out of my gaming coma, I realized I’d been playing Save My Ass for well over an hour so it’s pretty safe to say the game will get ya’ hooked…


The premise behind Save My Ass is simple if a bit odd as you’ll need to save your co-workers who are hanging around the office. When I say “Hanging around” I don’t mean chatting by the water cooler either, I mean literally as you’re co-workers are hanging by their necks. Your job is to take them down by firing pencils ala Angry Birds, but this little gem is a lot harder than those old birds. You’re given a limited number of pencils (shots) each level and the kicker is if you miss the rope and hit the target you’ll zap some of your co-workers life. Every co-worker has a life gauge which drains down overtime so you’ll have to get them down quickly, and not miss. All that makes Save My Ass a tricky game as you’ll soon find out.


Besides having addictive gameplay, Save My Ass has a ton of levels with around 64 in all. You don’t have to do the levels in order and can skip around if you wish, but that will cost you coins. Personally, considering how hard the game is I prefer to go straight through and save my coins to skip levels later in the game. As for extras, there isn’t a whole lot to see; there is a store that’s pretty much bare, and you’ve got good old Openfeint for all your scoring needs. A game like this really doesn’t need a lot of  bells and whistles though, and the lack of extras doesn’t hurt the game at all.


Save My Ass somehow slipped under my radar when it came out, but I’m glad I ran across it as it’s a great way to kill some time. It’s also one of the more difficult or unforgiving games I’ve played. There’s not a lot of room for error in Save My Ass, but lucky for us the reload times are fast because you’re going to fail a lot of the levels the first time around. Overall, Save My Ass is a fun, quirky, super-addictive game that will suck you in and frustrate you at the same time. Save My Ass is definitely worth a look, and you can find it in the market for free.


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