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SetiQuest Explorer

The SETI@home (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project, developed by The Hathersage Group,  and sponsored by Adobe Systems, has been using the computing power of the world’s PCs for a long time now for their project to find alien life. Now you can contribute the computing power of your Android phone to the project and help the SETI team with their quest. The app runs on Android 2.2 (or higher) and is coming to the Android first (take that iPhone fans).

For the start SetiQuest Explorer is a closed Beta program (sign up here – which has just started. The SetiQuest Explorer is used for “viewing radio telescope data from SETI targets and helping to identify and categorize patterns. ” according to the official website and you can sign up using a Facebook account. Originally launched in May 1999 the SETI@home project has been collecting data from internet-connected computer in its quest to find other intelligent life in the universe.

SetiQuest Explorer allows you to browse through targets in space and then view recent radio telescope transmissions from that area. Narrow-bandwidth radio signals are not created naturally so the SETI@home project attempts to listen across the universe for these signals of life.  Where you see patterns you can indicate them to allow for further research. Help in the quest to find intelligent life across the galaxy. Its interesting to look around the galaxy and wonder what is out there, trying to help search for these signals that maybe could lead to a historic discovery for all of man-kind.