Shelves Android App Helps You to be More Organized

Time has really change especially when it comes to organizing whatever collections we have. What used to be a daunting task of creating a database to catalog our collections of so many things is now easier done with the help of our Android phones and the many apps that help us easily do this task of collection management. One such app is aptly called Shelves.

To put it simply, Shelves is a free Android app that lets you manage your collection of apparel, books, gadgets, movies, music, software, tools, toys and videos games right on your Android phone.  The app makes it easy for you to add items to whatever collection you may have.  For instance when you want to add titles to your Book collection, you simply choose add and the app will search for the book and if you find the right title, you can simply tap on it to add to your collection. If you have the book on hand, you can scan its barcode and the book information will be added to your collection after the app searches for its citation online. You can also search the web for information about the items you want to add to your collection. Or you can import the information from other sources including your saved Delicious items.

Shelves truly enables you to better manage and organize your collection. It allows you yo sort, search and tag items for easy retrieval later on. You can also easily loan items to your friends who are already in your Android phone’s contact list. It’s like having a library catalog in your Android phone. But of course, the app does not only accept books but other items as well that you can categorize.

There are many things to like about Shelves Android app. For one thing, the interface is simple and yet very functional. The main screen gives you two options – to view your collection and to view your loaned out items. Below these options are the different categories where you can add specific items to including apparel, gadgets, movies, music, software and more. The category icons are pretty cool-looking as well.

If you’re in need of a useful app that will help you better organize and manage your collections of stuff, Shelves for Android is a must-have app. Check it out from the Android Marketplace now.


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