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Shoot the Birds – Android Game Review


There are a lot of Android Apps involving Birds out there like Fluffy Birds, Crazy Bird, Talking Larry the Bird, and of course… Angry Birds. Well, you can now add another to the list called Shoot the Birds from Infinite Dreams. Shoot the Birds is all about seeing how many birds you can take out with your trusty Crossbow before your day is done. The slick looking screenshots were what first grabbed my attention, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got sucked into the game.


The gameplay is very straightforward in Shoot the Birds. You simply need to take aim and fire by dragging backwards on your little guy; pretty easy if you’ve ever played a game involving shooting with a trajectory. As soon as you start the game, the birds start coming and they don’t stop until the sun sets and the day is over. You’ll get a certain amount of points for each different bird that you hit, and can get multipliers by hitting several birds at once. The whole day is timed, so if you keep on target you get extra time, and if you miss a lot your day will end rather quickly.


As far as options go, there really aren’t any. There is a help section that gives you the basics of the game, and a scoring section. There are “objectives” you need to meet to consider the day a success, but I’m not sure that they actually change the gameplay up much. I’m only on the second successful day, so it’s still a bit early to judge what else the game may have in store. I did notice some new birds in the second day though, the fast little ones are especially hard to hit. The objectives can actually be a little tough; the one I’m current stuck on is to hit 30 birds with “falling” arrows. Not an easy task considering if you miss, time speeds up.


Shoot the Birds is a fun time-killer with solid gameplay and great graphics. It is very light in the Features department as there are no extra weapons or levels to speak of, or at least I haven’t gotten to them yet. That being said, even with the lack of extras Infinite Dreams has done something right as I’ve been playing this regularly for the past 2 days. Somehow this game mysteriously sucks you in, and makes you want to keep playing so you can meet those tricky objectives. No free version is available at this time, but the paid version will only set you back $1.14 in the Android market.