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Shovel Heroes – Android Game Review


When I saw the name “Shovel Heroes” in the market, I knew it was a game about digging. What I didn’t know was how much fun it would turn out to be. Shovel Heroes is a new game from Progrestar that’s a new take on digging games, and it lets you do a lot more than just dig. The gameplay is top-notch and will definitely keep your attention as you search 80 different islands.


This game has quite a few cool features and the first one you’ll probably use is the customizable Avatar. You can change-up you’re characters look in several different ways which was a nice touch. Control-wise, it’s a very simple game to play as you simply touch the square you want to dig up. Every time you dig up a square you’ll receive coins, treasure, and XP, but you’ll also use up energy. Shovel Heroes is one of those “energy based” games, where you’ll have to buy energy or wait for it to fill up after it runs out. You’ll use different tools for different types of land; those tools will show wear as they are used, but can be repaired by using coins. Different areas will require amounts of energy to clear and sometimes extra items as well.


Shovel Heroes has a lot of items and upgrades. From your inventory you’ll be able to access Tools, Equipment, and Food. Tools can be upgraded for rubies or repaired with coins. Equipment is used to clear certain areas in the game; dynamite for rocks, wrenches for traps, etc. The Food section is the most important in my book, as you’ll always need energy. You can buy energy producing food from the store using tokens via the in-app purchasing system or you can win food from the mini-games. The other big thing is the treasure which you’ll collect randomly when you’re digging about. Once you get all 5 items in a set, you can keep the collection or trade them in for Jewels, XP, and coins. You also have a home island that you can decorate with trees, flowers, and furniture.


I’m usually not a huge fan of games that relay on energy (and waiting), but I really enjoyed Shovel Heroes. With 80 islands to explore there’s definitely plenty to do, and I liked the “collection” system that lets you trade or save. Another thing I liked was the ability to customize my avatar and home island; especially the island as there are around 100 different objects to choose from. Shovel Heroes is definitely a game you should check out, and you can download it from the market for free.