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Silo MAD is a killer little RTS game from Plasmaworks that puts you right in the middle of a Nuclear War. You’ll have to acquire land, defend it and launch your own attacks on the enemy… and you won’t necessarily be doing things in that order. Some levels will start hammering you right of the bat, while others permit you to build up your defenses a bit. This was one of the first games I played when I got an Android, and it’s good to see it’s still as frustratingly fun now as it was then.


There are 2 modes of play in Silo MAD; Quick Play and Campaign Mode. Quick play is self-explanatory and lets you play against up to 4 cpu players while Campaign mode takes you through several different missions. As for gameplay, you’ll want to basically defend whatever territories you’re given, while expanding, attacking and defending all you acquire. There are 4 different types of territory square in Silo MAD – Blank, Advanced Defense, Advanced Offense, and Mineral. Each of these territories has their own special features, and can be captured by sending a transport to the square. You can only build on the blank territories, but everything you acquire can be reinforced with extra troops via more transports.


Silo MAD is really a game of two parts, as you’ll build and expand from the offensive screen and use the defensive screen for picking off any spare missiles that make it through you’re defenses. In offensive mode, you’ll take over territories, launch attacks and build up your defenses. Any Missile Silos you build will automatically launch to take out enemy territories, and you can also fire missiles yourself for $1 a crack. To access defensive mode you’ll simply touch your mini-radar in the upper right corner. Most of the time the defensive turrets will take care of the incoming missiles but you will have to take out the ones that slip through or risk losing your territory. Silo MAD starts out gently enough, but once the strategy part of the game kicks in you’ll have to learn to balance offensive and defensive or face annihilation.


Silo MAD is a great strategy game that’s easy to play but difficult to master. It’s not a graphically intense game, but it really doesn’t have to be and the graphics they chose work perfectly for the game. The gameplay is solid and the AI is a tough, but beatable foe. If you’re a fan of RTS games, Silo MAD is a game you’ll definitely want to check out. No free version is available, but the paid version can be had for $2.95 in the Android market.

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