Sinister Planet Android App Review

I recently had  my second try at scouring the Android Market in search of some nice games to play on my Nexus One.  The first time I searched for Android games was not a success. I couldn’t find a solid game that will keep me entertain while at the same display the graphics-handling prowess of  Android. This time around I stumbled upon this game called Sinister Planet which actually has the two criteria that I have been looking  for in a game.

Sinister Planet is a space shooter that could very well be describe as the mixture of other popular space shooters such as Asteroids, Galaga and others.  The gameplay is pretty simple – shoot down as many asteroids that you can to collect various gems while at the same time shooting enemy aliens before they destroy your ship first and steal all your gems. If an alien gets into a gem first, you can still recover the gem by shooting the alien to reveal the gems. If you fail to destroy the alien, it will transform into an even more fiercesome alien that would be hard for you to destroy.

One thing that you should not allow from happening is for the aliens to eat up all your gems, or else you’d be in “Witchspace” where your adversaries will be even nastier. To aid you in your battle, you can collect power-ups and weapon upgrades along the way.  This include a turret attachment which would let you shoot in 360 degrees.

Overall, Sinister Planet is a great game to have on your Android phone. It runs fast and the graphics are really top-notch.  The sound effects are pretty decent as well.  One thing to note though is that this game is not so easy.  The difficulty level is pretty steep mainly because everything in the game moves so fast and the space where you need to move around to avoid enemy attacks is quite small. But then you can always scroll up or down to evade enemy attacks.

Sinister Planet  is currently available from the Android Market. If you’ve been looking for a nice games to play on your Android phone – this game is one of those games.  They also have a demo version.


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