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Sketch n Draw – Android App Review

Apps that let you sketch on your phone are one of the first things people go for whenever they get their first Android. As phones and tablets have gotten better so have the drawing apps, and Sketch n Draw from Abhishek Kumar is a great new doodling app for your phone.

Sketch n Draw isn’t exactly full of features, but its not been out long and its one of the easiest drawing apps I’ve used. There are several different canvas sizes from 480 x 320 up to 1280 x 800, and you can pinch/zoom in or out from the menu screen. A good sketching app is nothing without good brushes and Sketch n Draw has 11 to choose from with Sketchy, Simple, Shaded, Chrome, Fur, Longfur, Web, Squares, Ribbon, Circles, and Grid. All the brushes are pretty cool, but Sketchy and Squares are my personal two favorites. Once you’re done with your masterpiece you can save it to your sd or share it through the usual channels.

While it could use a few more features (background color) you can do some excellent work with Sketch n Draw. As you see from the pictures you really make some great looking drawings with the app from detailed to abstract. It’s also an app that children or adults can use with ease which is never a bad thing as you can doodle with your kid or do more detailed work on your own. It’s a pretty cool app as-is, but I look forward to seeing what the developer adds in the future. Sketch n Draw is free to download from the Android market.