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Slyon Street Tuner – Android Game Review


With gas prices constantly on the rise activities like Drag Racing have become more expensive. That’s where games like Slyon Street Tuner from Slyon Studios can come in handy as you can lay down a little rubber without ever leaving the couch.


Slyon Street Tuner is all about Drag Racing and controlling your souped up ride is made simple with a set of on-screen controls. You’ll have a gas pedal on one side of the screen and a gear shift on the other; if you’ve purchased NOS you’ll also see a NOS boost button near the gear shift. You basically do what you’d do in any drag racing game which is pull up to the line, wait for the green light and throw the pedal to the metal. At the end of each race you’ll earn credits based on your performance; you’ll get points for a good launch, shifts, and for winning the race.

There are 5 different ways to race in Slyon Street Tuner with Quick Race, Race Pro, and Races A, B, and C. Quick Races are free to enter and let you practice your shifting, but they also allow you to earn up 30 or so credits without risking any. The A, B, and C races are geared towards specific cars; A is for all wheel drive, B is for real wheel drives, and C is for front wheel drive. Race Pro handles car specific races meaning you have to own the car to participate in the race. All the races cost points to enter, and there seems to be around 12 in all with varying degrees of payouts. There’s not a ton of races, but more than enough to keep you busy as you’ll probably spend most of your time tinkering around with your car.


Now for my favorite part of the game, the cars and the add ons. Slyon Street Racing has around 25 different cars in covering everything from hatchbacks to old muscle cars. There are 3 main sections to work with which are Engine, Drivetrain, and Performance. The sections cover everything from your exhaust and thermal gaskets to your flywheels and tires. There are 14 subsections under the main three categories and around 36 upgrades in all. Most of the upgrades cost points, but there are some pay upgrades thrown in there randomly. You can also purchase more points via the in-app setup if you don’t feel like earning them through gameplay. The game also utilizes Openfeint in case you’re a score tracking & achievement junkie like most of us.


Slyon Street Tuner is a solid Drag Racing game that’s a lot of fun, but there is room for improvement. It’s not that difficult to earn money, but it can take while depending on what you decide to start out with. I’d like to see the ability to “sell” cars added along with more races and cars. The game can feel like a bit of a grind at times, but that issue could be easily remedied with some new races, circuits, or cars. Overall, it’s a good game that’s definitely worth checking out, but a few improvements could make it a “great” drag racing game. If you want to give Slyon Street Turner a run you can find it on Google Play for the low price of free.