Smite the Wicked in Babel Rising from BulkyPix


God games have been around for awhile now, and you can find one for practically every major platform. There are a few good ones out there for Android, and the newly released Android game called Babel Rising is set to join those ranks. Bulkypix decided to try their hand in the god game genre, and they’ve used the age old story of the Tower of Babel as the backdrop for the game.


In Babel Rising your goal is to smite the wicked humans as they try and build their tower into the heavens. When the game starts up you’ll see a lot of little heretics/people carrying blocks across the screen. As they reach their destinations, they’ll deposit the blocks on the ground which slowly starts to build your tower. Actually, they can get a floor up pretty fast so you’ll need to be quick to wipe them out. Luckily for you you’re a God-like being that has 7 deadly powers at your disposal. You can take down the humans by using on-screen swipes/gestures that let you call down rains of fire, typhoons, and earthquakes just to name a few. It would be way too easy if you could just blast away so Bulkypix added a charge-time to each of your powers. The bigger the power, the longer it takes to recharge so keep that in mind if you get to feeling a little power hungry.


Besides having a very cool premise, Babel Rising also has a whopping 4 modes of play with Classic, Devine, Fury, and Campaign. Classic mode gives you all your powers and drops you into survival mode to see how long you can last while Devine mode switches is up with red lightning and the burning bush. Fury mode changes things up again and has you destroying little heretic devils; the twist in this mode is that different devils are immune to different powers. Last, but not least we have campaign mode where you’ll do a series of timed where you basically have to last through a wave of workers until the clock runs out. Whatever they build during one stage is carried over to the next so you’ll definitely want to stay on top of things. One of the cool things about the campaign mode is the ability to upgrade your powers through manna that you earn during the levels. Upgradable weapons are always a nice touch and there’s nothing bad about being able to throw lightning quicker and or cause stronger typhoons.


To say Babel Rising is your run of the mill Android game would be an understatement, as there aren’t many games out there with biblical themes and none use the Tower of Babel for a backdrop. Bulkypix has a winner on their hands with Babel Rising; it’s got solid graphics, addictive gameplay, and great depth with its 4 different modes of play. It’s a very cool game, and one that anyone should be able to pick up and play quickly. No free version is available at this time, but the full version of Babel Rising can be had for $1.99.


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