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Snappy Dragons – Android Game Review


Who doesn’t like Dragons? Here at Android-Apps, we love Dragons and got pretty excited to see a game called Snappy Dragons from Extensive Studios enter the market this past week. Snappy Dragons gives you not one, but four Dragons and a whole lotta’ levels to boot…


The gameplay in Snappy Dragons is similar to that of Angry Birds or other physics based flinging games, but there are some differences. While Snappy Dragons is still trajectory-based game you’re going to drag forward instead of backwards to fire at your enemies. The environments are destroyable and you’ll need to factor in the little dragons you’re trying to save as well. All these elements plus dragons with different powers means Snappy Dragons actually requires a little strategy. Almost forgot, there are indestructible moving platforms, wind, black holes, and other hazards that will make this cute little game quite tricky.


Snappy Dragons has 80+ levels spanning 4 different worlds with Snowy Peaks, Sunny Mountains, Lava Caverns, and Deep Forest. Each world has around 15 levels with 5 bonus levels that can be unlocked by getting perfect rounds. There are three different styles/types of gameplay counting the bonus levels and 4 different types of dragons. I’ve only gotten to use two of them so far and those were pretty cool so I’m looking forward to seeing what the other two do.


Snappy Dragons is a very good Android game with plenty of levels and a nice degree of difficulty. The graphics look great and I also enjoyed firing forward instead of dragging backwards like most games use. I’ve noticed a few recent market comments regarding poor ad placement, but I didn’t have that problem due to my phones lovely ad-blocking capabilities. That being said, Snappy Dragons is a very solid game so I’m sure the dev’s will fix that if it’s an issue. If you enjoy games like Angry Birds you’ll definitely love Snappy Dragons.