Tweak and Customize Your Android Experience with Spare Parts

Most power users relish tweaking and configuring the smallest aspects of the software they use. I myself have spent countless hours tweaking Windows using apps like X-Setup and even creating custom registry packages. Although, Android is customizable enough to keep most users happy, many advanced users probably want to do more.

Spare Parts is a simple ad-supported application, which offers a few additional functionalities that are not available through Android Settings. It is a collection of various configuration options, which were originally present in the Android firmware, but got dropped later on.


You can enable fancy input and rotation animations, speedup or slowdown transition and window animations, change font size or enable haptic feedback to enhance your user experience. Additionally, you can configure Android task management and Wi-Fi sleep policy to increase your battery efficiency.

Spare Parts also houses a statistics section, which displays battery health information, application usage history and battery consumption history. Once again, these bits of information can be used to improve your battery backup by identifying potential battery drains.


By no means are the tweaks offered by Spare Parts earth shattering. However, they can go a long way towards making your Android experience more enjoyable. The tweaks I tried work perfectly on my Xperia X10. However, some users have reported that they don’t always work. Your mileage might vary, and as always be careful while toying with system settings. Spare Parts can be downloaded for free from the Market.


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