*Spark Android App Review

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If you’re such a social butterfly, you’re probably using your Android phone more for checking your social networking accounts or reading online content through various Android apps. The thing is, it can become quite tedious if you have so many accounts to check out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have updates from these accounts right smack into your Android phone’s home screen? Now, you can have this feature via the new Android app called *Spark. Yes, the app’s name includes the asterisk.

*Spark is a pretty nifty Android app that lets you add a skin to your Android phone’s home screen. You can use this app while still keeping your phone’s current launcher app. Mind you, activating this app will completely transform your homescreen’s look and feel. The good thing is, the new home screen is pretty straight forward and easy to use.

So, what makes this app different from your phone’s current home screen. Well, instead of widgets and app icons, this Android app puts various information on your phone’s home screen. What makes this feature great is the fact that some of those information especially those from your social networking sites are updated in real-time.

Some of the modules that the app provides you include – Facebook and Twitter modules, Headlines and Deals. Headlines is simply news updates provided by CBS News. What’s good about these news updates is the fact that you can instantly share them via Facebook, Twitter or SMS within the Spark interface. Deals module on the other hand provides you with daily deals from various merchants in your area.

At the top of your homescreen is a weather widget which is set based on your location. Below this weather widget are icons of your most frequently used apps.

As it is, *Spark is a pretty good Android app that gives you an alternative interface to your Android phone’s homescreen. The social integration feature is a nice idea and saves you the hassles of opening individual apps one by one.

Useful and robust as it is, *Spark Android app certainly has some more rooms for improvement. Perhaps one is the ability to add your own feeds other than what the app provides. Another much needed feature is the ability to change the app’s background wallpaper. This is still the first version of the app but right now it performs pretty well. If  future updates will incorporate some of the features that it lack, this app will be on its way to stardom.

*Spark Android app is available now from the Android Market for free.

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