Splode for Android – The Review


I stumbled across an older interesting game over the weekend called Splode from Escalation Studios. It’s a chain reaction style game where you drop magical bean sprouts to set off a chain reaction amongst the Splodes. The world is colorless, until the chain reactions start and then the levels pop with color. It has some pretty slick graphics, and the soundtrack fits it perfectly. After spending some time with the game, here’s what I thought of Splode…

Gameplay and Features

The main thing you’ll be doing in this game is popping the “Splodes” with the magic beans. When the levels start, you’ll have splodes scattered across the screen, and when you drop the bean it causes a burst ripple. If the burst ripple touches one of the splodes, it pops and creates a new ripple which will (hopefully) start the chain reaction. There are two main modes of play in the game; Challenge mode and Score attack mode. In Challenge mode, you get one Bean Sprout and have to use it to pop a certain number of splodes to advance to the next level. It starts out a bit slow, but somehow seems to suck you right in. I was on level 20 when I realized I had been playing for a half hour already.

Score attack mode is a bit different, but just as much fun. You start out with 5 bean sprouts, and when you use them up your game is over. If you explode 75% of the screen or more, you don’t lose the bean so technically you can keep going for awhile. There are checkpoints as well; the first one comes at 50 points, then 105, 200, 400 and so on. There is a local high score section and a tutorial, but that’s about it for options.


I really enjoyed this game a lot more that I thought I would when I first read the description. The graphics are excellent, and the game is very unique from the others I’ve played lately. As I said before, the gameplay tends to draw you in, and you’ll have played for an hour or more before you even realize it. For such a simple game, it’s very addictive. There isn’t a free version available as of now, but the paid version is only .99, and well worth it. If you’re looking for a game that’s a little different, and a lot of fun, go check out Splode in the Android market.


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