Spritzr Matchmaking App Review


Spritzr is a very interesting piece of software, available for both Android and iOS and making for the world’s first matchmaking app. By matchmaking app I refer to something along the lines of Nokia’s old slogan, you know, “Connecting People”.

Are you starting to get it? Basically, if you’re single and you’re looking for “quality dates/soul mates”, Tinder might not be the perfect solution, do you know what I mean?

Enter Spritzr for Android/iOS, the perfect solution for finding your soul mate with pinpoint accuracy. This app is described by many users as the future of dating apps, as Spritzr  will find your perfect match via recommendations from your friends and/or other matchmakers.

The ideas is that unlike other dating apps which are actually making more or less random suggestions searching through tens of thousands of random strangers, the Spritzr  app for Android and iOS cherry picks what’s best for you, something like Facebook does when recommending friends based on your common acquaintances.


Using Spritzr represents a very quick way to find a date to whom you actually have things/interests/friends in common, making for breaking the ice a child’s play. To describe it in a few words, Spritzr  is not your mother’s dating app, being also a matchmaking app, i.e. a dating app with a twist, the best of both worlds.

Just like I told you earlier about Facebook’s algorithm, how many times have you contemplated the thought that you should introduce your X friend on Facebook to your Y friend of Facebook, as they have common interests, the same passions etc? Well, Spritzr  does just that.

Just go and download and install the app and you can register as just a matchmaker, playing the good Samaritan for your friends.

download the  app from  Google Play 

download the  app from the iTunes app store



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