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Star Traders RPG – Android Game Review


Here at Android-Apps we love RPG games, and Star Traders RPG by Cory Trese is definitely one of the best out there. It’s not your typical Final Fantasy style RPG either… it’s actually an awesome turn-based strategy game/RPG that’s set in space. You’ll have to manage your supplies and crew while running missions, trading and fighting throughout the galaxy. Star Traders RPG is by far the most in-depth game I’ve played on Android, and it’s also a game that proves you don’t need 3D graphics to make an outstanding game.


You’ll start out like you would in any good RPG, and that’s by setting up your character. Star Traders has plenty of options in that department as you’ll start out by choosing your name, starting profession, faction, ship and difficulty. All these are well thought out and your game will play out differently depending on which set of options you start with. The controls are about as simple as you can get, as you simply touch the sector or planet you want travel too. As far as the planets go, there are around 140 of them in the paid version and some have functions while others just exist. The planets that are useful have either an urban or wilds button. The urban button will take you to the planets main city where you can buy and sell ships, trade goods, get missions, and recruit your crew among other things. The “wilds” part is my personal favorite as it lets you explore for treasure or harvest goods. There’s a whole lot more to it than that, as we just ran through the “basics” of the gameplay.


To say Star Traders has a lot of features would be an understatement. There are around 180 ships, 140 planets, 10 different professions, 8 levels of difficulty, tons of missions, sectors, and awards. You’re main character will gain XP as you progress through the game and he’ll have 11 different skills that can be upgraded. Let’s not forget about your main mode of transportation… your ship. The ships also have a slew of customizable options with around 25 in all.  As for the games actual “options” there are plenty of those as well and you can change about anything you want to make the game better suit your needs. As most fans of the game know, The Trese Brothers also update Star Traders RPG regularly and have been doing so since it was released. Needless to say… Star Traders is a game with a lot of replay value.


Star Traders RPG has been around for awhile now, but a lot of people still haven’t tried it; especially some folks that are new to Android. If you enjoy in-depth simulation games, space games or old school RPG’s, you’ll definitely love Star Traders. The 8 levels of difficulty ensure that there’s a setting for beginners and veterans alike. As I mentioned, it gets updated regularly which is always a plus, and it also runs on every phone I’ve tried to install it on. If you want a game with loads of depth that’s a blast to play, look no further than Star Traders RPG. You can get the free version which is limited to a whopping 80 ships & 40 planets or grab the fully loaded Elite version which has twice as much and is a steal at $1.99.