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Static Motion – Android Game Review


Static Motion is a new “Tap & Destroy” game from Founder’s Hill Entertainment. I noticed it when it came out yesterday morning, and have been playing around with it since. It’s one of those games that’s frustratingly fun, and you just can’t seem to put it down. It’s a blast to play even though it drove me a little nutty (in a good way) on the higher difficulty levels.
It’s a game that definitely deserves a look, and it’s one of those games that had me a bit scared putting my finger through the screen from tapping so much.


Static Motion is one of the easiest games you’ll play as far as the controls are concerned. You just need to tap on your enemies as they appear, and not let your energy run out. Keeping your energy up is very important in Static Motion; if you let your energy dwindle down you’re going to be in trouble. You’ll gain energy every time you destroy an enemy and when it runs out, your game is over. If you tap to destroy an enemy and miss… you lose energy. If you just sit there and don’t try to kill anything… you’ll lose energy. As I said, keeping your energy levels up is something you’ll definitely want to do.


There are 77 colorful levels to tap your way through along with 4 levels of difficulty. I tried it on the highest setting a few times, and it was pretty difficult. Personally, I would be in awe of anyone who can make it through the game on the hardest setting. There are 14 different enemy types as well, and a few of them have different reactions when they’re touched. The yellow ones explode and will definitely come in handy throughout the game.


The graphics initially drew me to the game, but I was pleasantly surprised at how addictive the gameplay is. I also liked the fact that when I missed a target the phone vibrates (and throws the enemies around) which definitely added some extra tension into the mix. The graphics are crazy good while the sound effects were crisp and clear on my Captivate. Static Motion is a great new game, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Founder’s Hill comes out with next. You can get the Demo version of Static Motion with 16 levels or pick up the full version for 2.99.