Stellar Escape Android Game Review

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Owing to its use of the United 3D Engine which was also the game engine used in Dungeon Defenders for Android and Infinity Blade for iPhone, I have high expectations for Stellar Escape.  This is the first game developed by the Swedish company Orange Agenda.  The game belongs to the running or dash game genre. The first game that will probably come into your mind when it comes to games of this type is Sonic Hedgehog. Well, yes it has some traces of the Sonic Hedgehog gameplay in it but it’s very minimal. Stellar Escape is a nice running game with great graphics, very responsive virtual action buttons and fun game play.

Game Play

The game basically tasks you to control our hero, Elliot Black, a space courier in the Beta sector forced to flee for his life towards his ship. To successfully flee, you must guide Elliot as he run from one area to another by avoiding obstacles along the way. Touching these obstacles will electrocute Elliot. Doing these three times will end the game.

To avoid the obstacles, you must execute the correct actions at the right time. Timing is very important in this game. You must tap the right button to make Elliot slide, jump, get into the tube or glide onto a metal bar. Each of the obstacles correspond to any of of the four game actions, so once you’ve memorized the obstacle and the corresponding action, you’re on your way to finishing this game. It may seem easy at first but once the obstacles are placed more strategically, you’ll experience some frustrations along the way.

Graphics, Control and Other Features

When it comes to graphics, the game delivers the goods decently. Details are crisp and clear. The game physics is where the game really excels. The Unity 3D engine definitely workAs mentioned this game is all about right timing. To master this, the game control must be perfect. Thankfully, the game has one of the most responsive game controls among all the games I’ve played. The virtual buttons response quickly on a single tap and really requires the exact timing for the actions to be executed.


As Orange Agenda’s baptism of fire, Stellar Escape is a great start. It’s simple and yet entertaining game play, excellent graphics and excellent controls make this game a must-play. The paid version of the game is available for around $1.40 but you can also try out the free version first to see if you’ll enjoy the game. s great in this game. The character movements are flawless and a sight to behold. The game offers 9 levels set in five different areas. It’s pretty short for a game as fun as this but Orange Agenda promises to add more levels in the succeeding updates of the game.

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