Stomp some Monsters with ColoQ from Shade Inc

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ColoQ is a funky new Android game that puts you to work as a monster stomper. What makes ColoQ unique is the way you stomp the enemy as you’re battles won’t take place in a side-scrolling level, but on top of a large Rubik’s Cube like structure.


Playing ColoQ is easy once you get the hang of it so don’t be intimidated by the layout when you first see it. It’s a turn-based game where you can touch any square on the cube and drag it to move that row, and you can rotate the cube why dragging up & down or left to right in the background. You basically want to move the monsters under your character which makes you “stomp” them into the ground. You can also move your character on top of the block, but can only move them to certain blocks vary from stage to stage. The monsters also vary; some move every turn while others jump when you try to land on them. Each stage has a certain number of monsters and once you beat em’ you get to advance.


The world of ColoQ is laid out in three different sections with Free/Tutorial, Random, and Puzzle. Free & Tutorial gives you 5 levels that teach you the basics of the game while Random mixes things up ensuring you never play the same cube twice. Puzzle Mode lets you take on 5 more cubes and even throws a little lava into the mix for good measure. The layout of the game is a bit confusing, but I think you get 15 stages in the game which isn’t much. If you want more stages you can pick up the 100 mission Iceland pack in the shop which will cost you 200 yen.


It may take some time to figure things out, but ColoQ is quite a bit of fun once you do. Once you get the basics down it’s a simple game to play, but I could see the layout and instructions could confusing some users. It’s also a fairly short game and I wouldn’t have been against buying some levels, but the whole 200 yen thing was a bit of a turnoff as yen isn’t my currency. That being said, it’s still a cool game and a great concept worth checking out. You can pick up Shade Inc’s ColoQ in the Android market for free.

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