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It’s been a big couple of weeks for Golf games in the Android market as we’ve seen three great new ones in as many weeks. The nice thing is the only thing the three new games have in common is the fact they involve Golf. Super Stickman Golf from Noodlecake Studios was released at the end of September and has taken off like a rocket amassing close to 500,000 downloads in a little over 2 weeks. If you’re looking for another typical golf game look elsewhere because Super Stickman Golf is not your typical Golf game…


The control scheme in Super Stickman Golf is different than other games, as this one is a trajectory based instead of swipe to hit. All your controls are set along the bottom of the screen while the top of screen gives you information pertaining to your current hole. You adjust your shot using the left & right arrow keys, and you’ll swing by pressing “go!” to start it then you’ll press it again to swing when it reaches the desired power for the shot. You can also touch and drag to change the view up a bit, and use pinch/zoom to zoom in & out.


Super Stickman Golf is a pretty big game as it offers up 280 unique holes, 7 unlockable super-clubs and 7 different powerups. The courses are broken down into three sections with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Beginner section has 16 courses, Intermediate has 9 and Advanced has 7 for a total of 32 courses and 280 holes. There are also 7 powerup balls that vary in their effects from sticky & ice balls to air brakes. The power ups can be purchased using “Golf Bux” which are earned by completing achievements during the game; as usual the Golf Bux can also be purchased via the in-app payment system or earned through completing offers. Super Stickman also allows you to hit the leaderboards and unlock 39 achievements via Openfeint.


I’ve always enjoyed playing Golf, so anytime a new Golf game drops I have to check it out. Super Stickman Golf didn’t disappoint me in the least. It’s not a graphically intense game, but it doesn’t need to be as the gameplay is unique and very solid overall. There are more than enough courses to keep you busy for awhile and having golf balls that stick to things or freeze is never a bad thing. Super Stickman Golf is a solid game with no ads, tons of depth and it’s free! I would highly advise everyone to check it out, you don’t have to like golf to like this game. If you’re ready to hit the links, head on over to the market and pick up Super Stickman Golf for free.

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