Swype – Draw, don’t Type your Words

The days of the physical keyboard are over. No more archaic clucking about on a keypad trying to find the right button, hitting the number 1 three times to get the letter c, or dealing with stuck keys. The new Android app Swype is here to save the day with it’s new ingenious input system.

On my G1 the keyboard is real handy when using the boot screen or command line, but 90% of the time when using my G1 the way a normal phone should be I like to use a touch screen keyboard. Why? Aside from the fact I’m lazy and don’t want to flip my phone over and pull out the keyboard, you can actually type far faster with good software. It’s much faster to check for errors and review your writing without looking away too much while using a touch screen too. So what is it that sets Swype apart from other touch screen keyboards? It awesomely accurate, fast, easy to use, and even offers predictive text which definitely beats out other keyboard options easily.


Swype is even going to be included in some new Android handsets by default like the Motorola Droid X because it is just that good. It’s really hard to describe how a great program like this works so take a look at the above video to get a better idea.


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