Syncmate Android App Lets You Sync Your Android Phone to Mac

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If you’ve always wanted to sync your Android phone to your Mac, chances are you haven’t done so until now. I can just imagine how tedious the process would be as compared to synching an iPhone to a Mac – thanks to iTunes. But recently, I’ve proven myself wrong. I found out that synching my Google Nexus One to my MacBook Pro can be easily done. Syncmate makes the syncing with your Mac easy.  I wish I had found this app earlier.


Developed by Eltima Software, SyncMate for Android is currently available as a free download from the Android Market. Once installed on your Android phone, you’ll be presented with a nice interface with a pretty self-explanatory workflow, which makes it easy to use. I’ve tried a few apps of this kind in the past, and to be honest, I’ve never used any of those more than once. But with SyncMate for Android, I found myself synching my Nexus One to my MacBook Pro more often.


SyncMate for Android allows you to sync your Android phone with your Mac via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. It lets you sync various contents of your phone to your Mac or vice versa, including – contacts, calendars, folders, Safari bookmarks, and even iTunes and iPhoto. You can even manage your text messages more efficiently using this app.

To use SyncMate, you need to install the desktop software on your Mac. You can get the Free version which will allow you to sync contacts and iCalendar. If you find the app useful, you can upgrade to get the paid version which will cost you $39.95 license for 2 Macs or $59.95 license for a family pack up to 6 Macs.

Once you’ve installed the desktop software on your Mac, you can start synching your Android phone with it. You can also sync your other devices as well. As mentioned you can sync via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable. When synching via Wi-Fi, you need to register your network’s IP addess to both Mac and Android phone. From there you can choose which of the items on your Mac or Phone to sync.


Obviously, we are very inclined to recommend SyncMate for Android. If you’re willing to pay for the desktop software, you will have at your disposal a very useful Android and Desktop application that will let you back up your Android phone’s essential information to your Mac. Knowing that your essential information is always intact and safe on your Mac will give you the peace of mind, no matter what happens to your Android device.

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